Catering Hire Services – Hiring from Out of Town

The best chefs are in high-demand.

Nobody really wants to settle for a low quality option. Sometimes the best thing you can do is hire someone from a bit further away.

But that has its own problems. If a chef or caterer is coming from out of town, what equipment will they use?

That’s where Thorns comes in.

Don’t Cut Corners – Get the Best

The best work doesn’t come from cutting corners.

To really solve this issue, you need to be pragmatic. Chefs and caterers need the best equipment on site for as long as they need it.

It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re hosting – the office Christmas party, or a corporate conference – essential equipment is important.

High quality catering, from a cooking, storage and cleaning perspective, is available for hire from Thorns.

And it’s opened up a whole host of opportunities. Now, a company event can feature a hog roast. In the past businesses were often limited to sandwiches and salads!

Take a Look at Your Options

Borrowing the equipment you need is sometimes an option. But this requires you to know the right people, who are willing to do you a favour.

And your arrangements could fall through at the last minute.

If you ask us, the only real solution is to hire from a professional group – like us! Our excellent service will solve all your problems.

We offer fantastic prices, and you can guarantee the equipment will be delivered on time, completely clean, and ready to use.

Hiring from us also means you don’t have to transport the equipment to the event, or worry about the washing up. We’ll sort of all of that.

When Might You Need Catering Hire Services?

There are lots of times you might need to hire catering equipment. Here are just a couple of examples.

Corporate Conferences

No matter how formal or important your conference is, everyone will appreciate there being food available. The better the quality of food, the more they’ll like it.

A professional catering service, complete with the necessary equipment, can make all the difference.

Attendees will love the fact that you’re willing to go the extra mile. They’ll end up getting more from your conference, and are likely to attend again.

Office Events/Parties

Most companies host their own Christmas parties for employees nowadays, and many even have an event in the summer.

The type of food typically served varies. Some prefer a three course, sit down meal. Others would choose to have an informal BBQ.

Either way, Thorns can help make sure everything goes smoothly. Our catering hire services cover a wide variety of different events.

Sure, you could buy all the equipment yourself. But what’s the point if you’re only going to use it once or twice a year?

It’s much more cost effective to simply hire us. And our experience will ensure there are no problems.

Whether you need two plates or two hundred, we’re here for you, ready to make your life simpler – and isn’t that reason enough to contact us for a quote?

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